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We are on a mission

We are U:Move, a new start-up based in the heart of Belfast. Our focus is on combining premium E-Bikes with consumer education! We are passionate in our belief that E-Bikes offer a real solution towards making a meaningful environmental impact, plus, they are cool. We are partnered and located within Ulster University’s new city-centre campus to support staff, students, businesses and retail, whilst having key partnerships with one of the world’s leading E-Bike makers, Riese & Muller and are powered by one of the UK’s leading E-Bikes experts, Ride Electric.

What makes U:Move different?
We are passionate about the right E-Bike for the right person. We take the long-term view of our customer’s journey! We provide custom experience rides, which give a bespoke tour that provides an active demonstration of their power.

We want to create a community of U:Movers around Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland to celebrate the impact an E-Bike can make.

A smart company!
Through our bespoke systems, we also work with businesses to provide E-Bike solutions, not only providing E-Bikes, but also environmental reporting, translating usage into outputs to show their personal impact on the city.

What do we expect?
It is very simple! We pride U:Move on providing the highest level of customer service through every engagement, supporting customers throughout the lifetime of the relationship. It just so happens that we do it with beautiful style and professionalism!

What do I need to join?
We have a number of current roles. However, Passion & authenticity applies to all! For our mechanics/Tech Specialists, it is very beneficial if you have had bike mechanic experience. No experience in E-Mechanics is specifically required as we can provide full Bosch training. For our Experience Gurus, we need people who are authentic and who can identify with our mission, and who truly believe in the value of our team. For our Team Members, we need people who have the ability to connect and engage, yet are highly professional.

We are just getting started and are looking for great people who are interested in building the future alongside us. Is that you?

Open Positions

We have recently opened our first Experience Store in York Lane in the heart of Belfast, and are looking for awesome people to join our team! This is the really critical bit, we want to form a truly world-class team. To do that, we will only recruit those who we believe can demonstrate excellence and have that passion to take U:Move forward. As a team, each member will play a key role in promoting the benefits of E-Bikes for urban mobility, delivering that experience to our customers through world-class customer service in each of the three areas:

Experience Guru

An Experience Store with stunning E-Bikes, needs a world-class guru to guide our customers through options and perfect fit. You will be responsible for the day to day operations of the Experience Store, providing world-class customer service to customers. Through tailored training, you will become thee guru in all things E-Mobility!

Closing date/time: Currently open for expressions of interest by emailing
Salary: £TBC

Bike Mechanic/Tech Specialist

World-class E-Bikes need world-class E-Bike mechanics/Tech specialists who will provide technical services to build, configure, service & maintain E-Bikes. It will involve traditional mechanical bike functions as well as electronic bike-specific features, with web-based configuration and diagnostic services. We will provide full support for all training! 

Closing date/time: Currently open for expressions of interest by emailing
Salary: £TBC

Team Member

U:Move will be dynamic in how we engage and interact with customers. We need world-class team members to assist in the daily operation and Experience Rides. You will deliver exceptional customer service to build the brand. You have an opportunity to influence and create a new community and culture around sustainable travel in Belfast!

Closing date/time: Currently open for expressions of interest by emailing
Salary: £TBC

U:Move E-Bikes

Unit 1 Ulster University

Belfast Campus

Shore Road

BT15 1ED


Open Hours

We will open our doors officially in mid-April! Until then, get in contact and we can have you booked in for an appointment.