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Get that E-Bike smile – Are you curious about E-Bikes and want to learn more before committing? Experience Rides are the perfect way to get experience on a premium E-Bike through a bespoke tour. Our tours help you to understand why E-Bikes are an amazing travel solution, while making an active difference to you, our city and charging up a fitter planet.

What is an experience ride?

A personalised 1-2-1 accompanied ride with one of our team, allowing you to really feel what it is like to ride an E-Bike. It allows us to demonstrate the change users feel from traditional pedal bikes to a power-assisted bike…(E-Bike)


Experience Rides are FREE! The aim is to actively demonstrate to anyone considering an E-Bike, their stunning performance and support that you would benefit from in a real world scenario. It is a risk free way for anyone who wants to make the change!

Experience that E-Bike feeling for yourself

Buying an E-Bike is an exciting and even life-changing purchase. We understand it is often something completely new, and it is natural to have questions and a desire to understand how they work and feel to ride. An Experience Ride is a 1-2-1 experience to explore the exciting world of E-Bikes, a low-risk way to try before you buy, and ask questions. Most importantly is a great way to learn and have loads of fun!

What exactly happens on an Experience Ride?

It typically lasts about 45 minutes and can be booked online. One of the U:Move team will help you explore our range and decide which is the most suitable for you, based upon your needs and lifestyle.

You will have the pleasure of a wonderful, pressure and commitment-free cycle along a specifically designed route that will test and prove the capabilities of our premium E-Bikes along the river Lagan in Belfast taking in all that is great about Belfast.

If you decide E-Bikes are for you, our team will then help you pick the perfect E-Bike. We’ll take into account where you live, what you will use it for, who else might use it and any additional information to ensure it is the best choice for your lifestyle.

Are you ready to give E-Bikes a try?

We are very confident you too will be doing one of our famous E-Bike smiles, after all our premium E-Bikes offer intuitive controls, integrated lights, fenders and racks and an overall beautiful aesthetic. Try not to smile!

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