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The best place in Northern Ireland for all you ebike needs with exceptional customer service, helping you explore Belfast, most eco-friendly ways to experience the city.

Extends riding pleasure.

A truly magnificent electric bike! The Charger4 is the everyday E-Bike for long-lasting riding enjoyment. Thanks to its fully integrated 750 Wh battery, it comfortably takes you through everyday life and far beyond. With the new Bosch system you are always one step ahead and constantly retain an overview, thanks to the integrated cockpit with its Kiox 300 display and LED Remote. And should you ever get lost, the bright light of the daytime running light will show you the way.

Frame design & integrated battery – So much power onboard!

The Charger4 is just brimming with surprises: a fully integrated 750 Wh battery and the powerful Performance Line CX motor for this stunning electric bike. Both components of the Bosch smart system blend perfectly into the stylish frame design, delivering added power. Thanks to the optimum coordination of the components, you can now ride up to 100 kilometres and even further on a single battery charge.

Integrated cockpit – Smart control centre.

We have reinvented the E-Bike’s cockpit: the Kiox 300 display is perfectly integrated into the handlebar and provides tidy cabling. Thanks to the adjustable angle of the stem, the sitting position can be adjusted to suit your needs anywhere between comfortable and sporty. The LED Remote displays the key information at a glance for simple and fast operation of the Charger4. The colour indicates your riding mode, while the Kiox 300 display shows your remaining range.

Comfort – Like riding on fresh asphalt.

Uneven trails can be encountered anywhere with this electric bike, even in the city: cobblestones, gravel paths, small potholes or cracks in the concrete can tarnish your riding pleasure. The suspension seatpost and sensitive suspension fork offer so much comfort that you’ll barely feel any bumps. However, the optional Comfort Kit, with its classic curved handlebar and wider saddle, provides the perfect solution for anyone who likes to sit particularly upright and comfortably.

Lighting – See and be seen.

The right, powerful headlamp for your Charger4 model enhances your visibility in road traffic. During the day, the daytime running light ensures that you are seen even better, while in the dark, bright and even illumination shows the way. And if you need to stop quickly, the Magura disc brakes pack quite a punch.

Luggage system – Carries virtually everything.

Your Charger4 is perfectly equipped for the most diverse transport tasks, thanks to its standard carrier with MIK system. Whether you need to carry a bag to work, a basket for a picnic outing or two larger panniers for shopping – the MIK system lets you quickly and simply swap accessories. Child seats can also be mounted as the carrier is capable of withstanding a 27.5 kg load. No matter what or who you choose to transport on this electric bike, safety and stability is always paramount.

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