E-Bikes are like normal bikes, but better!

U:Move E-Bike range

At U:Move we pride ourselves on having access to some of the world’s leading E-Bike manufactures and with a range of finance options, owning an E-Bike has never been easier!

U:Move E-Bikes
In Belfast
Premier Supplier of E-Bikes
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Electric Bikes

Discover the power

Based in the heart of Belfast, we are on a mission to share our passion for E-Bikes. We believe that E-Bikes offer a real solution towards making a meaningful environmental impact, plus, they are cool!

E-Bikes allow you to go further for longer, taking the pain out of hills and long-distance, giving you back the freedom with full support. With the stylish iconic look of a Riese & Muller, you will also be one of the most fashionable E-Bikers in town. All you have to decide is which is the right ride for you!

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U:Move E-Bikes
In Belfast
Premier Supplier of E-Bikes
Riese & Muller image
Electric Bike
The Homage

Book an Experience Ride

We offer our customers a free 40-minute Experience Rides around Belfast on one of your chosen premium E-Bikes, to allow you to feel the full benefits and power of an E-Bike.


We are passionate about the right E-Bike for the right person. We take the long term view of our customer’s! We provide Experience Rides to provide that active demonstration of their power, fun and practicality.

Our aim is to create a community of E-Bikers (U-Movers) around Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland, celebrating the impact an E-Bike can make.

It is more than a bike!

Michele, 1st time experience rider

It is a complete game changer

Johnston, Tern HSD S+ Owner

It’s like chalk and cheese.

Alan & Jayne, 1st time experience riders

We are partnered and located within Ulster University’s new city-centre campus in York Lane, Belfast. We stock some of the world’s leading E-Bike makers; Riese & Müller, Forme and Tern, all powered by one of the UK’s leading E-Bikes experts, Ride Electric.

Our services, your journey!


We have a stunning range of Riese & Muller E-Bikes, fit for Belfast & beyond
All E-Bikes are built to order to ensure you get the perfect fit!


See the sights of Belfast in style and tour more of the stunning local scenery
We offer daily rentals on some of our most popular E-Bikes.

Enterprise Support

Getting workplaces further and fitter through bespoke packages to suit your needs
We support businesses from docking to deployment, with enviro-reporting

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 09:00 – 17:00

Sunday 13:00 – 17:00


Unit 1, York Lane, Belfast, BT1 2NR


We are based up alongside Ulster Universities new Belfast Campus.

Contact Us

Email us at umovee-bikes@outlook.com, or call us on: 07908111720

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